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Community Advertising Trust

How Your Good Cause Can Share in $25,000 Worth Of Free Advertising Mountain Scene is proudly pro-Queenstown and the paper’s Community Advertising Trust has been a vital Free promotion tool for scores of good causes in the Wakatipu for over 15 years.

Each year, locally-owned Mountain Scene Ltd gifts $25,000 worth of space to the Mountain Scene Community Advertising Trust, whose independent trustee makes quarterly grants to selected sporting and other clubs, non-profit groups, societies, churches or other good causes seeking to improve everyday life in the Wakatipu.

Does your good cause qualify?
A “Good Cause” is any non-profit group, body, society, club, church or organisation that seeks to improve everyday life in Queenstown and the Wakatipu.

Please note that priority allocations will go to those Good Causes who apply for promotional funding for specific projects, rather than just for general purposes.

For example, while a sports club might miss out on funding to promote its Annual General Meeting, that same club might be highly favoured if its application specifically sought advertising to seek junior members, for instance.

How the Community Advertising Trust works
Each year $25,000 worth of Free Advertising is gifted to the Trust by Mountain Scene Ltd, to be disbursed to Good Causes within the Wakatipu.

The Trust is administered by Independent Trustee Gloria McKeich who, upon written application, disburses the Free Advertising entirely as she sees fit. The intent is to disburse the advertising in parcels so as many Good Causes as possible may benefit.

Should applications exceed the total Free Advertising available, the Independent Trustee ranks the merits of competing applications and apportions funds accordingly.

The Trustee’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Applications and allocations are quarterly. Successful applications for any one quarter must “spend” their allocations in that same quarter. A particular Good Cause may apply afresh each quarter, irrespective of the outcome of earlier applications.

The Trustee has the arbitrary power to “bank” some or all of a quarter’s total advertising allocation, to be carried forward for later disbursement in future quarters.

Quarterly applications must be received by: June 20, September 20, December 20, March 20.

All successful applicants will be advised in writing of the Trustee’s decision by month-end.

Once a Good Cause is notified by the Trustee of an allocation of Free Advertising, a special credit account is set up by Mountain Scene Ltd immediately and the Advertising may then be “spent” by the Good Cause without further reference to the Trustee.

Invoice/Statements will be issued monthly showing the amount of credit remaining. Should the credit be used up and an account subsequently go into debit, the debit account must be paid as normal. Allocated credits may not be applied to pay off pre-existing accounts.

The Mountain Scene Community Advertising Trust operates entirely separately from the newspaper itself.

For instance, irrespective of success or failure in Free Advertising allocations, all Good Causes should contact the Newsroom for ongoing coverage of worthwhile topics promoting your organisation.

How to apply
Remember – quarterly deadlines are June 20, September 20, December 20 and March 20

Application for free promotion funding to the Mountain Scene Community Advertising Trust. Email for The Independent Trustee

Name of organisation
Outline how your group benefits the community
Your contact person
Position in organisation
Your email address
Your phone no
Your group’s mailing address
Detailed outline of the specific project for which free advertising will be used.

Thanks, Mountain Scene

“We certainly appreciate the free advertising funds – we’re very grateful because Mountain Scene is the main paper that everybody reads” – Barbara Glass, committee member, Queenstown Arts Society 

“Our appreciative thanks to MS for this advertising. It’s a lifeline for us as it enables us to obtain new volunteers to support the community” – Fae Robertson, chairman, Wakatipu Victim Support

“QAST thanks Mountain Scene for its contribution towards advertising for the 2006 season” – Donna Fordyce, office manager, Queenstown Alpine Ski Team

“QBN is very pleased to be a beneficiary of the Mountain Scene Community Advertising Trust because we’re a non-profit organisation and this funding goes a long way towards promoting our group” – Ann Mann, president, Queenstown Businesswomen’s Network president