Mother’s fury at devil dog attack


Schoolgirl, 5, savaged near home in Frankton

A furious Frankton mum is demanding that a dog which savagely mauled her five-year-old daughter last weekend is destroyed. 

Misty Wilson watched in horror as the beast suddenly turned on little Eden Prichard in a Frankton street last Saturday afternoon. 

Eden was bitten in the face by a white dog at 4.15pm, just metres from her Robertson Street home while out walking with her mother. 

Police and dog control officials at Lakes Environmental confirm they’re investigating. The white dog – breed unknown – is in the pound. 

Eden received hospital treatment to glue a deep puncture wound on her cheek and other facial bite marks. 

While walking, Wilson, 24, says she had stopped to talk a former Wakatipu High schoolmate, who was visiting friends at Robertson St. 

Wilson claims the schoolmate’s big brown dog suddenly rushed at Eden, followed by a white one which appeared to come from the same property. 

“By the time I turned around there were two on her. The white dog just went straight for her face,” Wilson says. 

“Eden was stiff as a board, in shock. She was screaming and her eyes were just about jumping out of her head. She was so scared.” 

Wilson claims she received no help from the former schoolmate – or from any of his buddies who were drinking at the property – as she rescued Eden. 

“There were a lot of people in the house, and not one said anything, helped me, said ‘sorry’ or even came out. 

“They just looked as if it was nothing, and that’s what hurt me the most. My daughter was screaming and no one did anything.” 

The former schoolmate didn’t return Mountain Scene calls. 

Wilson ran home with Eden, who had blood “all over her face”. 

Before heading to Lakes District Hospital, Wilson’s partner Kasiano Pasitale raced back to the property to confront the group. He made one man, who’d been looking after the white dog for a friend, come round to see Eden’s injuries. 

“No one believed that she’d been bitten. He was too drunk to say anything when he saw her,” Pasitale maintains. 

Wilson still hasn’t heard from any of the dog owners or minders since the attack. 

“At this stage I would have thought it would be decent of them to come and see us. That makes it worse because I knew these boys from school and they don’t even have the decency to come and see me or my girl.” 

Lakes Environmental regulatory and corporate manager Lee Webster says both dogs involved are registered. 

“Any attack is a concern, particularly when it involves a child. We need to investigate it fully to ensure we get the right 
outcome to protect the public,” Webster says. 

Eden returns to Remarkables Primary school today after being “too scared” to go back earlier. 

“Physically she’s ok, she’s still a bit sore, but she’s been crying in her sleep. It’s been quite a blow to her confidence,” Wilson says. 

She’s urging people to be more aware of potential dog attacks. 

“It’s a good warning for people to be a bit more cautious. It shouldn’t happen anywhere, especially in this town.”