More weird crime at Lake Hayes Estate


A Lake Hayes Estate community leader says residents are determined to nail delinquents responsible for a continuing spate of bizarre vandalism and petty crime. 

Community association president Kevin Burdon says residents met with police a month ago and at their February meeting plan to address the ongoing problems. 

“We’re appalled by the vandalism,” Burdon says. 

“It’s just a matter of nailing who’s responsible. They’re probably aged somewhere between six and 60 – some kids never grow up you know.” 

Sylvan Street homeowners rang police on Friday morning to report someone had removed their garden sprinkler systems overnight. 

Last Monday, a motorist reported snapping a piece of string that had been strung across Sylvan Street at the “perfect height for the throat of a cyclist”. 

The two incidents come after months of distasteful vandalism on McBride Park, with faeces smeared across play equipment and rocks placed in toilet bowls. 

Police were also called to the park at 11.30pm on Saturday after about 30 teenagers congregated there after a house party was shut down. 

Senior constable Chris Blackford says: “Most of them took off when the police arrived but a few were spoken to. There was no noticeable damage at the park, just a few bottles left behind.”

Abusive drunk bumped

A 63-year-old Scotsman was kicked off a Qantas flight bound for Australia from Queenstown Airport on Saturday afternoon after becoming abusive to staff.
The passenger, near the rear of the plane and smelling of alcohol, was rude and aggressive towards flight attendants before the plane took off.
“But he was cooperative with police when they arrived and so was escorted to the taxi rank,” Blackford says.
The man, who had been picked up by police for detox earlier in the month, was not charged.
Anti-social behaviour
Queenstown police dealt with a series of anti-social incidents downtown during the weekend.
They included a 20-year-old New Zealand man who was given a pre-charge warning for climbing over a couple’s campervan on Robins Road on Sunday. The couple gave a detailed description to police and the man was stopped in town at 3am that night
Three Christchurch men were evicted from backpackers’ accommodation on Friday morning after causing trouble the night before.
“They were heavily boozed, knocking on doors and windows,” Blackford says. They agreed to leave when police attended.
A stag-do attendee, a 27-year-old Ashuburton man, was arrested at 8.30am on Sunday after urinating on Steamer Wharf.
“He was still drunk from the night before and urinated in front of members of the public who were sufficiently disgusted to report him.”
An 18-year-old man was arrested for disorderly behaviour for trying to steal keys from another man on Duke St early last Friday.
“This guy ran past two other guys and ripped the keys [on a lanyard] from one of their pockets,” constable Aaron Redaelli says.
“The two guys ran and tackled him and they restrained him until police arrived. The offender was quite tearful.”
But there was little police could do with an excessive noise complaint about social behaviour on Queens­town beach on Sunday evening.
About 200 people were gathered there at 9.30pm, drinking and listening to a DJ.
“He had a busking permit, so there was nothing we could do,” Blackford says. 

The liquor ban does not come into force until 10pm. 

Drink drivers in the dock
Filipino woman Antonette Antalan Barrimond, of Woodlands Close, Queenstown, was disqualified from driving for six months and fined $400 after being caught marginally over the limit while moving her car just 100 metres. 

Barrimond, 21, gave a reading of 85 milligrams of alcohol per millilitres of blood when stopped on Lake Esplanade on December 7. The legal limit is 80. 

The court heard Barrimond was moving her car less than 100m out of a restricted parking zone and intended to go back into town. 

Judge Michael Turner says: “This is a first offence and you were marginally over.” 

Hong Kong-born Hoi Yeung Chan, of Vancouver Drive, Queenstown, gave a reading of 138 millilitres when he was stopped on Gorge Rd shortly after 3am on December 18.
Chan, 28, claimed he’d only had two beers and one shot.
“To suggest you just had two stubby bottles of beer and one shot of Chinese liquor and returned a blood alcohol reading of this level is pure fantasy,” Turner says.
It was Chan’s second drink-driving offence – he was sentenced to 200 hours’ community work, disqualified for nine months and ordered to pay medical fees. 

Gardner Nicholas Henderson, Gum Lane, Queenstown, was also convicted of a second drink-driving offence.
The 25-year-old was sentenced to 250 hours’ community work, banned for 10 months and had his car confiscated by police. Henderson had given a breathalyser reading of 748 micrograms per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400.