High-end homes: An artist's impression of the Mooreliving Homes development off Frankton Rd

A new Queenstown housing development will include $1.35 million properties with money-making flats.

Mooreliving Homes is building 15 houses on land off Frankton Road, across the road from the planned $10 million-plus Queenstown Marina.

Developer Joshua Moore says he’d originally planned to have two-, three- and four-bedroom homes on offer at ‘820 Marina View’.

“But instead of four bedrooms, we’re going with three plus a self-contained flat,” he says.

“That’s what people keep asking us for.”

The flats could be used for long-term rentals or even as short-term visitor accomm-odation, with consent.

“I think a lot of people are looking for that extra income stream.”

The high-end homes will range in size from 140 sq m to 230 sq m and prices are from $890,000 to $1.35 million.

Houses will be built in two stages – that will take 18 months.

Another six Mooreliving Homes are being developed at the same time on nearby Middleton Rd.

Moore says the houses will be built from ‘polyiso’ panels, which have an insulation ‘R rating’ of five. That’s double what’s recommended for the walls of South Island properties.

“It’s a completely thermally-isolated shell – there’s no thermal bridge to the outside.”

Mooreliving’s built four houses at Queenstown’s Jack’s Point in the last year with the system. Each build takes about three months, although the shell can be up within seven days.

The company’s recently built 1500 apartments in Bangalore, India, for the Indian government. It specialises in precast concrete – supplying precast for Queenstown’s Pounamu and 22 Hallenstein and Wanaka’s Oakridge Resort– and also prefabricated buildings.

Moore bought the Frankton Rd site about six months ago, cleared it, and expects work to start within six to eight weeks.

“As soon as we put up the sign [facing Frankton Rd], we had five or six calls on the first day.”