Mixed-doubles scraps


Two partner v partner assaults after night of drinking.

A 39-year old Lake Hayes Estate man was charged with male assault on a female after an incident in Queenstown’s CBD at 3.50am last Monday.

“They were out drinking together at Tardis and afterwards walked to a taxi where she alleged he punched
her on the head while she was sitting on the ground,” local constable Sean Drader says.

“He left and went home, where he was later arrested.”

A few hours earlier, a 29-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman on holiday together from Sydney were arrested for assault after making separate complaints about each other.

“She claimed he had pushed her over outside the Skybar and he alleged she had punched him in the nose some time later at the Novotel,” Drader comments.

“It couldn’t have been the best of holidays.”

Booze shame

A 25-year-old bar manager living in Queenstown was done for drink-driving after being stopped on Robins Road at 6am last Sunday.

“His licence was suspended for 28 days,” Drader says.

And a 25-year-old woman from England was held overnight at the police station for detoxification after being found lying on the road at Lake Esplanade not long after midnight last Friday.

“It was pretty poor behaviour but she said she did this sort of thing all the time,” Drader adds.

Foul language

A 21-year old Queenstown man was done for using offensive language at 2am last Friday.

“He had allegedly yelled out “F**k the police” while drinking in Barmuda and he was removed from the premises by staff,” Drader says. “He carried on with the same thing before asking the licensing sergeant if he wanted
to rape young girls.”

Coats on shaky peg

Police are writing to local licensees about the number of jackets being stolen from Queenstown bars.

Three coats were nicked from the Buffalo Club last Saturday and another went missing from Winnies the
previous Wednesday.

The same night, a woman had her jacket lifted from Surreal.

“Thefts of this kind always increase during the winter but this time the problem is getting chronic and it’s tourists who are usually the victims,” Drader explains.

“Some licensed premises have pretty good approaches to this but others are ‘hot locations’ and could be doing with some improvement.”

Pole position

Cops want to speak to the driver of a car that smashed into a power pole at Lucas Place in Frankton at 8.50pm last Friday.

“The vehicle drove off and a badge from a Nissan was found at the scene,” Drader says.

“The car is likely to have a big dent in it and the owner might like to come in and see us because if you
hit a street light you are required to report it.”

No joke for street brawlers

It sounds like the start of a bad gag but have you heard the one about the Englishman, the Scotsman and the Swede fighting outside Fergburger?

Queenstown cops have – they arrested all three after the skirmish in Shotover St at 4.30am last Friday.
Vandalism on menu Cops are looking for two male youths wearing hoodies who were seen breaking a rear window at Freiya’s Indian Restaurant in Camp St at 10.50pm last Friday.

They ran off after the restaurant manager caught them bashing the glass with a plastic bread crate.