Mitchey gets cheers but no medal


Queenstown’s Mitchey Greig is still a winner with her diehard local fans – despite bowing out of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. 

The 21-year-old made it through to the heats of the women’s skier-cross at Cypress Mountain but missed out on a place in the quarter-finals after finishing fourth – and last – in her heat. 

However, results didn’t matter to about 20 dedicated friends and supporters who cheered her every move on TV with a few early beers at Queenstown’s Red Rock bar and cafe yesterday morning. 

“Just getting to Vancouver was an incredible achievement in itself,” watching Queenstowner Patrick Fallon says. 

“Mitchey had a few ‘wu-tang’ [jump] issues at the start and unfortunately she struggled after that.” 

Tony Moore had been at Red Rock since 7.30am to watch the action from Canada. 

“No one else in this room has been to the Olympics and Mitchey has done New Zealand and Queenstown proud,” Moore says. 

“It’s not about the result, it’s about the whole experience and I doubt if that will be her last appearance at the Games.” 

The resort’s other Winter Olympian Tim Cafe, 22, is in an upbeat mood after finishing 38th out of 64 competitors in the Super G last Saturday. 

“The Games have been a really interesting experience,” Cafe says. 

“I know I could have taken more risk in one or two areas of the course, but I executed the line I wanted to and finished in a decent position. I only had one shot at this Games so I did want to make the finish.”