Mistaken identity against all odds


Queenstown’s Cookie Time store manager Lilly Collins is receiving German fan mail mistaking her for the daughter of English musician Phil Collins.

American Lilly says she’s had letters from five Germans over the past month thinking she’s the British-American actress and model Lily Collins.

The mail’s gone via Queenstown ICAN Models owner Tracy Cameron, who has American-born Lilly, 25, on her agency website.

“They do look very similar,” Cameron says.

“I of course wish I was that lucky agent to represent Phil’s daughter, but am very happy to have our own real beauty,” Cameron says.

She describes the letters as “harmless, old-fashioned fan mail - it’s better than cyber-bullying or anything like that”.

Lilly says she’s twice also been mistaken for Lily Collins, 27, when living in the US when the film The Blind Side, which her namesake starred in, came out in her home state of Alabama.

Also, when the famous musician’s daughter broke up with US actor, singer and producer Zac Efron.

“It’s a nice surprise - I’m probably just going to write back [to Germany] and say, ‘I’m sorry’.”