Meow, Queenstown the SPCA is alive and well here


The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is trying to raise awareness and funding from Queenstowners. 

“We really feel that Queenstown people don’t know we’re here,” Otago SPCA fundraiser Helen Saunders says. 

SPCA attended 12 local animal welfare complaints in Queenstown in the past year involving dogs, cattle, sheep and horses. 

Saunders: “The figure for Queenstown is lower than the rest of the region, possibly as we do not have such a public awareness in the area.” 

SPCA has two Alexandra-based inspectors who respond to Central Otago/Queenstown Lakes emergencies 24 hours a day, Saunders says. 

Alexandra also hosts a boarding facility which houses and re-homes unwanted, stray and abandoned animals and a new fundraising op shop. 

Saunders says the op shop is only in Alexandra because that’s where the cheapest rent is: “I enquired in Queenstown and I nearly had a heart attack.” 

Saunders is asking if anyone in Queenstown has spare space that people can drop goods off to for the op shop. 

“And we can pick them up every week or so.” 

One local fundraiser is a wine bottled by Queens-town winemaker Grant Taylor under Meow Merlot label and sold at Arrowtown Wines & Spirits. 

The SPCA makes about $12 from each bottle sold. 

“If people in Queenstown want to organise an event on our behalf we’d love to hear from them because we need the money.” 

Saunders says Queenstown Cat Rescue and local vets are both a great help.