Memories of trailblazing legal beagle


Colourful memories are flowing after the passing of Queenstown’s one-time sole lawyer. 

The late Lloyd White was the only local legal option for most of his 18 years in town. 

“You either went to him or went out of town,” recalls Anderson Lloyd partner Walter Rutherford, who replaced him in 1982. Today the resort has 61 lawyers. 

White arrived from Invercargill to replace previous sole-charge lawyer Bart Sheehan, who died in 1964. 

His Mall practice was acquired by Dunedin-based Anderson Lloyd in 1970. 

“He was a very meticulous lawyer, always listened to you and was immaculate,” Rutherford says. 

“Everybody knew to see him in the morning, then he disappeared to the pub. 

“In the afternoon, he was much louder – sometimes you got the service, sometimes you’d get told to get f … ed.” 

A client, local business magnate John Davies, labels him “one of the great characters of the town”. 

“When he was on the case he was an exceptionally talented person with a wonderful memory for dates and names.” 

Survived by wife Dawn, White died in Christchurch at 83 – his funeral was last week.