Membership chip in for $600,000 reno

Big bucks reno: Queenstown Golf Club

Queenstown Golf Club members are chipping in for a half-million dollar clubhouse renovation project at their picturesque Kelvin Heights course.

The project will increase the size of the pro shop threefold and provide an entrance lobby and a new general manager’s office.

Boss John Stephens says: “We’ve got this lovely course and beautiful surroundings, but visitors came into this dated 1970s clubhouse to pay their green fees.

“It wasn’t real inviting – when you came up to the clubhouse you were looking straight at the kitchen window, and the pro shop was just two roller doors.”

There’ll now be an attractive verandah and schist stone wall between the new pro shop and the existing clubhouse.

With the pro shop increasing in size from about 43 square metres to 125sq m, Stephens says there’ll be more room to hold stock and capacity to increase income.

“We’re still not going to go into hardware, such as golf clubs, we’ll just concentrate on the tourist items like shirts and hats.”

Queenstown’s Rilean Construction is undertaking the $550,000 to $600,000 project, which is due for completion late next month.

Stephens says $510,000 has been raised through member debentures, with about half the donors foregoing interest.

Four members have also collectively donated $24,000.

“Members have been amazing,” Stephens says.

The club’s also running a donations scheme.

Anyone donating $50 or more to the project goes into a draw to win a membership for life or two one-year memberships.