Medical centre network takes over local practice



A nationwide chain’s taking over Wakatipu Medical Centre, however it’s not anticipated its 7500 or so patients will notice much difference.

Centre partner Dr Val Miller (left), who owns the business along with Dr Bart Vangronsvelt and practice manager Phil Markham, who’ll continue in a consultancy role, says running an ever-growing business was becoming more onerous and stressful.

In recent years they’ve operated from Shotover Country as well as Frankton.







Miller heard from a former university colleague who’d been in the same boat and sold out
to Green Cross Health, which owns 45 New Zealand medical centres.

‘‘It hadn’t really changed the way the practice worked and they’d been really good to work with, so we talked about it and actually approached them.’’

Miller says Green Cross Health, which takes over next month, will take over management roles like recruitment, IT and ordering.

‘‘They will be able to find doctors and staff [a lot easier] — for us to advertise overseas to get a doctor, it was going tocost us something like $70,000.’’

She says the new owner will also have bulk-buying power, making it easier to hold patient charges ‘‘at a reasonable level’’.

‘‘It’s going to enable us to offer more services, more economically.’’

Miller, who joined the practice in 2001, says ‘‘from my personal point of view, it will take a huge weight off my shoulders, and hopefully enable me to go for much longer’’.