Mechanic charged over repair work


Queenstown mechanic Karl Abbott has allegedly been caught charging for repair work he did not carry out.

Abbott, 55, was arrested by police a week last Saturday and was remanded on bail without plea on Monday.

He is due to appear before a judge later this month.

He faces one charge of using a Spannerworx Automotive Ltd invoice dishonestly and without claim of right to obtain a financial advantage.

Detective Matthew Jones, in a statement the week before Abbott’s appearance, says: “The charge relates to the alleged repair work done on a four-wheel drive vehicle in September of last year.

“When police received the complaint, an authorised service agent examined the car and concluded some of the alleged repair work stated in the invoice had not been completed.

“Police would like to thank the work of Land Transport New Zealand service agents in helping us to identify the work completed from the invoice.”

Jones says as the matter is now before the courts, police are unable to make any further comment.

Abbott will reappear on April 28.

The category-three Crimes Act offence carries a maximum sentence of seven years’ imprisonment.

Abbott is understood to have been working at Spannerworx on Industrial Place, off Gorge Road, at the time of the offence.