McCaw’s ex-Queenstown gal on adidas row


Former Queenstowner Nicola Grigg – current squeeze of All Blacks captain Richie McCaw – has stumbled into the adidas jersey pricing debate.

But it seems her Twitter comments have copped an online backlash today.

Grigg, 30, tweeted in support of adidas amid the controversy over the clothing giant’s refusal to reduce its wholesale prices of replica Rugby World Cup jerseys. The company has revealed the price of a replica All Black’s jersey is cheaper overseas than in New Zealand.

Grigg, who previously held marketing and media jobs in the resort, tweeted: “Why the hell shd @adidas change its prices?? It’s like me telling Louis V I won’t buy their bags anymore bcos they’re too $$$.” 

She added “go take a shit” with a hashtag – a symbol used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet on the social media site. 

Readers on news websites are posting comments galore – has more than 100 remarks.
“Completely misses the point. Stupid Comparison,” one Stuff reader says. 

Another: “Let me put it into context for you…if a Louie Vouitton bag was $500 in New Zealand but only $250 in America or the UK would you not be a little bit perplexed as to why it is twice as much here?” 

One reader says: “This a joke! Honey you might be able to afford a Louis Vuitton handbag and an Adidas jersey even two, but the majority of people cannot! Especially at the moment with the cost of living! People want to wear that jersey with pride…but not at the cost of feeding the family!! Thousands of NZ’ers love their rugby, more than a Louis V handbags..I can’t believe you even posted something like that, bit of a brain fart I think darling. Richie….call me xxx.” 

On the 3News website, one reader says: “Classy. Sounds more like girlfriend material than life partner stuff to me. Pointless comment from a spoilt girl with too much time on her hands. She clearly hasn’t understood the point of the pricing scandal. I hope she is fun Richie, ‘cos she ain’t too smart.” 

Grigg’s Twitter feed has been removed from the website this afternoon. She couldn’t be contacted by Mountain Scene.

Mountain Scene first broke the story of Grigg’s relationship with McCaw in June.