Mayhem on mowers at Lake Hayes A&P Show


A Queenstown lawnmowing contractor alleges a competitor in an A&P Show lawnmower race “lost the plot”. 

Simon Hunt, 41, alleges a fellow competitor mounted his ride-on mower and attempted to land about 10 punches on him before trying to kick him, following a mower race at Lake Hayes Showground on Saturday. 

The stoush took place in front of several hundred startled spectators. 

Hunt thinks the other rider was enraged after they became tangled up during the race – won by Hunt’s father David. 

“It was inevitable he was going to crash into someone – his mower was so modified it couldn’t cut grass or go round corners, it was very dangerous.” 

Simon Hunt says he’s having discussions today with his father and his lawyer about laying a complaint of assault with police. 

“We want to look at some more footage and then may well take it to the police,” says Simon, who was wearing a helmet and goggles. 

“It’s clearly obvious that I didn’t throw any punches so it wasn’t really a brawl. 

“The guy just lost the plot. 

“I was just holding him by the helmet, by the chin guard, and he didn’t have the reach to get me. 

“He swung about 10 punches – they all missed – then he tried to kick me. 

“I was going, ‘You’re losing it, mate, you’re losing it’ – that’s what everybody also was saying around him.” 

Simon says three people, including his dad, jumped on his alleged assailant. 

They were all verbally threatened then, Simon claims: “That’s the reason we’ll probably have to go to the police.”