MasterChef winner keeps out of the kitchen


Chelsea Winter has translated her fame, good looks and skills into what appears to be a lucrative career as a self-described “cooking girl”.

Two years ago the Aucklander became a household name by winning television cooking show MasterChef, vowing she wanted to open her own restaurant.

Last week she promoted her latest cookbook, Everyday Delicious, at Millbrook Resort – and explained why she hadn’t gone down that track – yet.

She tells Mountain Scene she spends her days writing and testing recipes, giving cooking demonstrations, writing a weekly magazine column, and working as an ambassador for several food industry brands.

“There isn’t really a label for what I am.

“I’m not a chef – I haven’t done 20 years in a restaurant kitchen.”

She spends hours each day responding to emails, letters and social media messages from users of her cookbooks.

“I think I’ve found what I really enjoy, which is inspiring home cooking. I connect with far more people doing what I’m doing.

“But owning a restaurant or cafe is still something I would like to do in the future.”