Man’s airport joke bombs


New Zealand’s worst comedian sparked a security alert at Queenstown Airport after joking about a bomb. 

A 27-year-old Brazilian, who lives in the resort, was helping a friend check-in at midday on Monday when he remarked there weren’t any bombs in the luggage. 

Concerned Air NZ staff called in Aviation Security Service officers who pulled the pair from the line and x-rayed the traveller’s bags. 

“He did his friend a huge disservice,” senior constable Chris Blackford says. 

“He could have missed his flight to Brazil. And he’s extremely lucky he was dealt with by way of a warning – there’s a specific offence of using alarming words. 

“Everyone in the world knows you don’t make those comments at airports irrespective of how much of a comedian you think you are.” 

Youngster allegedly hits out 

Police restrained a Queenstown youngster after he allegedly assaulted two St John staff who went to his aid. 

The youth went for a dip in Queenstown Bay at 4.30pm on Saturday. 

“There were concerns for this person’s welfare, particularly the chance of hypothermia given the time of year,” Blackford says, adding: “The ambulance was called but he had to be restrained by police after it’s alleged he assaulted two ambulance staff.” 

The youth will be referred to youth aid. 

Tags reported in Queenstown 

A tagger who defaced parts of the Routeburn Track appears to have also left their mark in the resort. 

Police have been told a “Rowdy” tag, written 40 times on the Great Walk’s bridges, rocks and trees last week, is also on a Park Street building. 

Officers are attempting to contact the owners of the empty property. 

Town centre trouble 

Police hope to identify a man who smashed the Fergburger menu board before stripping off to do a haka. 

The late-night reveller, in his 20s, is said to have punched the outside board at 4.30am on Sunday. 

“He walked off towards Lower Shotover St where he took off his shirt and performed a haka,” Blackford says. 

Officers also hope to trace an unknown male who assaulted another outside Winnies bar in The Mall. The man had been arguing with bouncers after being removed from the bar before turning on the other man. He punched him four times in the head. 

“The victim suffered a lump and graze on the back of his head. We have CCTV footage of that area.” 

Aussie pays for hi-jinks 

An Australian tourist was pinged a whopping $2500 after accidentally breaking a shop window in The Mall. 

The man was part of a group of males horsing around outside the Urban Tribe shop when he fell against the window and broke it. 

“He’s paid $2500 for it to be repaired so the police will take the matter no further,” Blackford says. 

Elderly couple shocked 

A retired couple from North Island were stunned to discover police wanted to question them about horse rustling fears. 

Members of the Wakatipu horse riding community supplied their rego number after people in a ute were seen acting suspiciously near paddocks. 

“Officers contacted the couple, who were travelling around New Zealand after retiring,” Blackford says. 

“They checked out.” 

The couple had photographed horses for their grandchildren. 

Officers still want to speak to three men seen in a white ute taking photos in the middle of the night. One is described as a Maori, aged in his 40s, while another has grey hair and was wearing a blue and black jacket. 

Scooter stolen 

A green MGP-brand scooter was stolen from Remarkables Primary’s bike rack during the school holidays. 

Parents reported it to police on Friday, with Blackford saying: “It was quite expensive apparently.”