Man racks up hotel bill, flees


An Auckland man bluffed his way into a ritzy Queenstown hotel for a night then fled without paying. 

Hotel staff busted the 28-year-old asleep on a Hotel St Moritz hallway chair last Friday night, but gave him a bed after he claimed he was locked out of his girlfriend’s room. 

The man charged breakfast to his room before hightailing it in a taxi. 

“When they checked the room they found the mini bar had been cleaned out, an iPod dock taken and an iron missing,” constable Sean Drader says. 

A male was cuffed at 1.30pm on Saturday and charged with three counts of theft and three of breaking bail conditions. 

St Moritz boss Lynne McVicar says the man had been visiting a guest. 

“We had a drunken visitor and he was caught. It’s not unusual. People always try to find hotel lobbies to have a snooze in when it’s cold outside and you’re inebriated.” 

Not so great Danes

Three Danes face community work after helping themselves to drinks at Minus 5 ice bar last Saturday. 

“One snuck a bottle of vodka under his coat while the bar tender wasn’t watching and tried to leave,” Drader comments. 

The culprit and his two mates, all 20, also took swigs out of bottles of booze behind the bar. 

“The bar doesn’t want to sell something that someone’s been drinking from, so they’ve got to pay for a new bottle of each one.” 

Three males were arrested at 10.54pm and charged with theft.

Mum, dad and son arrested

A local labourer wanted for two alleged assaults was pinged while partying last Saturday, hours after his parents were done for obstructing cops. 

On January 22, the alleged offender, 21, laughed at a female who fell down stairs in Rees Street and then took offence when her male friend told him to “move on, it’s not funny, she’s hurt”. 

The victim stood between the men to prevent a scrap but she allegedly got smacked in the head by the offender who was attempting to hit her friend. He also copped a punch to the head. 

After the fracas, a search warrant was issued for a Frankton residence. 

When police arrived to search the property last Friday night, both the offender’s parents – a 54-year-old road worker and a 52-year-old chef – allegedly tried to stop cops entering and were arrested for obstruction. 

“They allegedly tried to shut the sliding door, told police they couldn’t come in and pushed them back outside,” Drader says. 

Police found the son in Altitude bar, a week after the initial incident.

Pilot busted for break-in

A Queenstown chopper pilot was arrested after a break-in at his own business, which is in receivership. 

A 45-year-old man was busted inside a Tex Smith Lane aircraft hangar at 9.30pm on Friday night. Locks had been changed and the man had “constructed an additional door” to gain entry with two others. 

“He said he was allowed in the building and didn’t agree with the receivership,” Drader says

Pizza bummer

An American tourist got bowled over by a Hell Pizza delivery boy last Friday night. 

A 19-year-old turned from Searle Lane onto Camp St and didn’t spot the female visitor, 27, crossing the road, and crashed into her at 10.20pm. 

She was whisked to Lakes District Hospital with “bruised buttocks”. The driver may face charges.