Man gets the bash


A Queenstown trio allegedly bashed a 24-year-old man in his Queenstown Hill home after he dumped one of their friends he was dating.

Queenstown police constable Sean Drader says the three assailants entered the victim’s home while he was in bed, punching him “in the head and body for a couple of minutes” before leaving.

“I think he had broken up with a friend of theirs and they took it upon themselves to seek revenge,” Drader says.

Police nabbed a 25-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman for the attack – which occurred between 3.30-4am on December 6 – and charged them with aggravated burglary and being a party to assault.

They were charged with burglary because they entered a house with intention to commit an offence, Drader says.

The third offender, a 26-year-old man who’s skipped town, is still at large.


Threw TV at partner

An Auckland man who won a round of golf with the All Blacks in a Lion Nathan beer competition in Queens­­town was nabbed for assault with aweapon on December 4. He threw a TV at his partner in their Heritage Queenstown hotel room. Staff reported the commotion at 1.50am. Drader says the female victim had her leg X-rayed.

Long walk home

A 52-year-old Te Anau man was reported missing at 2am on Dec­­ember 6 after arguing with his wife at a Queenstown staff do. Police found him walking on the Devil’s Staircase several kilometres away at 5pm: “It looks like he was walking home.”

Fun with cars

A 41-year-old South American man’s car got a vandalised paint job on December 5. Drader says he’d parked his blue BMW in the Athol Street carpark at 6pm but when he returned at 1.22am, someone had painted
yellow racing stripes down the side.

Another driver blew a gasket on the corner of Camp and Church Streets at 3.30pm on December 5. A witness reported that a green station wagon – carrying a small child – had followed a 50cc motorbike and bumped into it at the roundabout. “The bike rider spoke to the driver, who then deliberately bumped the bike twice more and chased it down Camp St.”

Supermarket bust

A 45-year-old local man was arrested for driving drunk – at two and a half times the legal limit – after abusing staff at Alpine Supermarket. Staff rang police, who busted the driver in the supermarket carpark.

Thieves on loose

Police are trying to identify a Chinese woman who attempted to shoplift items from Wilkinson’s Unichem Pharmacy on December 5.

After setting off a security alarm, she asked to use the toilet and then paid for some items with her credit card.

Drader says perfume and other things she appears to have nicked were later found in the toilet.

An orange kayak was flogged from where it was hidden under bushes beside Alpine Retreat Road on December 5. The kayak had two black storage units but no paddle. It was reported missing by neighbours.