Man arrested for ‘planking’ at resort hotel


An Invercargill man, 24, was charged with wilful damage after allegedly breaking this sign while indulging in the craze of “planking” outside Queenstown’s Novotel Lakeside Hotel. 

“When he got down he was arrested,” Drader says. 

“This is the first planking offence in Queenstown that I know of.” 

The hotel’s general manager Jim Moore says a planker “climbed up on a Novotel sign and on the way back down it looks like he just smashed it”. 

The bizarre incident happened at about 8pm last Saturday.

Not much snow yet but plenty of cannabis

A 27-year-old ski instructor – believed to have recently arrived in town – has been arrested on drugs charges. 

The man, a Kiwi, was collared at 6.40pm last Saturday as police swooped to execute a search warrant at an address in Frankton Road. 

“A quantity of cannabis was located in a bedroom and some was also found in the pockets of the alleged offender,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

A total 267 grams of cannabis was discovered. 

Drader says a man has been charged with possessing cannabis and also with possessing for supply.

Drink-drivers collared

A local building inspector, 39, was slapped with three charges after allegedly trying to evade cops by driving through a checkpoint just before midnight last Friday. 

“It’s alleged that when he saw police stopping people on Frankton Rd he drove straight on and was pursued,” Drader comments. 

“It’s also alleged he hit a parked car while trying to get away.” 

The man has been charged with drink-driving, dangerous driving and failing to stop. 

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old female bar manager was arrested after being caught driving while allegedly over the limit in Arrowtown at 3.24am last Saturday. 

Just hours earlier, a local man, 30, was done for allegedly being over the limit at 1.20am on Frankton Rd. 

He was spotted by a passing security guard getting into a vehicle and driving off.

Thieving piddler nabbed

A Christchurch man is in double trouble after being caught allegedly piddling in public and stealing. 

Police caught a man allegedly urinating outside The Mountaineer building in Beach Street at about 12.45am last Friday. 

The culprit then landed in more trouble when it was suspected he was also wearing a stolen jacket. 

“It’s believed the man was so drunk he couldn’t fish any identification out of his coat pocket,” Drader says. 

“Officers did this for him and discovered an iPod and various other items.” 

Fewer than two hours later a bartender at Monty’s reported his jacket had been stolen. 

“It contained items identical to the ones found on the chap arrested earlier for going to the toilet in the street.” 

The alleged offender, 22, has been charged with offensive behaviour and theft.