Man, 71, hides after bashing his young sis, 70


A squabble between an elderly brother and sister ended in a 70-year-old woman being taken to hospital with face and arm injuries. 

A 71-year-old Ashburton man was arrested for allegedly punching his sibling in the head at their jointly-owned Frankton Road holiday home last Sunday at 9.20pm. 

The mature offender wasn’t keen on being collared by the cops. 

“He tried to hide twice when police turned up,” constable Sean Drader says. 

A senior man has been charged with common assault and male assaults female.

Drink-driver hands himself in

An intoxicated Chinese tourist basically handed himself in to police for drink-driving in the early hours of last Sunday morning. 

The 22-year-old visitor was pinged about 1am on Frankton Rd after pulling in behind a stopped patrol car. 

He hopped out to ask police if they knew what had happened to his girlfriend. 

“They could smell alcohol on his breath, breath tested him and he recorded 727micrograms of alcohol,” Drader says. 

The driver was arrested and instantly suspended from driving for 28 days. 

“It’s a good case of how drinking inhibits your decision making process,” Drader comments.

Public piddlers pinged

A man peeing in public was picked up by police driving past with another offender in the patrol car. 

The 23-year-old part-time Kiwi teacher was caught urinating on the Country Road shop window at 4.35am on Saturday. “So he got chucked in the police car as well,” Drader says. 

A Christchurch fencing contractor, 27, was already in the vehicle. 

He’d been cuffed by cops 10 minutes earlier for trying to encourage punters to fight with him and had been yelling abuse at passers-by. 

Another public piddler was arrested at 4.35am last Friday after being spotted using the Mountaineer building doorway as a toilet. A 32-year-old local manager has been charged with offensive behaviour.

Home drug rap

A man has been nabbed for allegedly dealing drugs from a Mann Street house. 

Police found cannabis plants and 20 ecstasy pills when searching a property at 9am last Sunday morning. 

A 20-year-old has been charged with possessing instruments for drugs and possession of ecstasy for supply, 
while a 21-year-old Queenstown plumber at the same address has also been charged with possession of cannabis plants.

Seen this pair? 

Police would like to hear from this middle-aged couple snapped leaving World Bar at 8.50pm on December 11. 

The woman is wearing the bar manager’s Von Zipper Panzer sunglasses. 

Police want the couple to explain what happened or if anyone recognises them, to get in contact.