Make mine a double


A boozed visitor from Dunedin “celebrated” New Year’s Day with a double – he was arrested twice within a few hours.

The 21-year-old man was first done for disorderly behaviour in Queens­town at 2.15am. After sleeping it off in the cells before being released, by 6.30am he was back behind bars.

This time he allegedly threw a rock through a car window in Fernhill and climbed into the vehicle where he was found by police.

“The man said he did it because he was feeling a bit cold,” local constable Sean Drader says. “We can only assume he must have liked our good hospitality and wanted his bed back.”

Cops come calling
A 23-year-old Brazilian man living in Queenstown was locked up on Monday for stealing a number of cellphones from local bars.

An eagle-eyed policeman recognised him from CCTV footage taken at Bardeaux as someone who he’d arrested before.

The man was collared after his house was searched on a warrant and six cellphones and a camera recovered.

“The guy came up with some lame excuse about how it is usually bar staff that steal people’s phones and therefore he thought he might as well be the one who was collecting them,” Drader says.

“All in all, it was a very strange belief system that the man offered up.”

Hat’s my boy
A 19-year-old visitor from Gore complained to cops that his expensive cowboy hat was swiped off his head and stolen by a woman in Cow Lane at 1.05am on New Year’s Eve.
“He was most upset because he said he’d paid $500 for the hat in Australia and he was adamant the female who took it was wearing big black boots,” Drader observes.
“The mind boggles.”