Mad-dash Lyn’s 90-second free grocery grab


Lyn Ryalls made a mad dash around Wakatipu New World with her trolley today, grabbing goods for a give-away promotion.

The Kingston resident had 90 seconds to pile her trolley full of groceries – and take them home for free.

Ryalls was randomly selected for the free-for-all after purchasing Nestle products at the local supermarket and swiping her Fly Buys card.

“It was completely out of the blue when we got the first call,” Ryalls says.

When the timer started at 10.30am, Ryalls made a beeline for the meat cabinet, hiffing in “a couple of roasts” before stocking her trolley with compulsory goods – one Nestle, one Milo, one Maggi and an Uncle Tobys item.

Ryalls was stoked Nestle do pet food products, hauling a few bags of dog biscuits into her trolley for her six cavalier king charles spaniels.

Her total bill came to $309.07, but she pocketed more vouchers – bringing the total to $500 – to spend at a more leisurely pace.

Ryalls, a part-time airport shuttle driver, has got her eyes pinned on smoked salmon and “more mandatory stuff like bread and milk”, which she missed in the initial frantic shop.

Ryalls is one of 40 lucky shoppers taking home a trolley full of free food from each New World around the South Island.