Luxury house horror story


If Lew Gdanitz’s horror story is anything to go by, Queenstowners should be ultra-careful about letting luxury mansions to visiting movie and TV crews.

Longtime local builder Gdanitz let his $4 million Slopehill dream home to MTV for three months last summer to be used as a base for its The Duel II reality show – the joint was trashed.

The 26 contestants living in the four-bedroom house damaged floors, walls and furnishings.

The interior had to be completely repainted and marble floors resealed and polished after filming of the show – which is screening here – was completed.

If that wasn’t enough, Gdanitz had to call in law­­yers to recover repair costs, he’s told the Herald On Sunday. A confidentiality agree­ment prevents him saying how much compensation he got.

Gdanitz told the Herald on Sunday: “I am a building contractor … if your house gets trashed, it’s only money that will fix it.”

Gdanitz wouldn’t add to his story except to tell Mount­­ain Scene he had an upfront bond of only $5000
to $10,000 on the tenancy.

The rural property is now on the market.