Look, no hands


Queenstown climbing guide Chris Prudden feels on top of the world, balancing on a ridge 2300 metres above sea level at the Remarkables’ Treble Cone.

He was snapped by climbing buddy Carl “The Jackal” Johnson as the pair got a bird’s-eye view of a spectacular Wakatipu sunset last week.

“Every now and then it’s nice to be up there in the evening because that’s what we call the magic hour, when all the light and the colours are different,” Prudden says.

“It was quite fresh with the start of autumn and there are signs of maybe an early winter.”

Prudden’s mountain-top pose is no easy ask.

“The point is quite hard to stand on because it’s very small.

“My arms are outstretched and I’m looking down in order to keep my balance because I wasn’t roped in,” Prudden says.

“Put it this way, if you fell from there, the result would be guaranteed.”