Loo-dicrous $10,000 Frankton flush


Lakes Leisure has to stump up for its mistake after erecting $100,000 toilets that haven’t flushed since being built. 

The council-controlled organisation (CCO) has been caught in a seven-week-long dispute with its neighbour and fellow CCO Queenstown Airport Corporation over a connection to sewerage mains on airport land. 

Last week Mountain Scene reported QAC refused to let Lakes Leisure connect their Events Centre toilets to the QLDC-owned pipe – despite it being only eight metres into the airport’s boundary. Lakes Leisure built the toilets without QAC’s approval to access its land. 

Both parties met yesterday to discuss the problem and QAC hasn’t backed down. 

Lakes Leisure must now install a special pump to send waste uphill – last week Lakes Leisure event and venues boss JD Marrable told Mountain Scene it would cost an extra $10,000 and blow the project budget. 

“We worked through both options with QAC and [they aired] their security concerns being an international airport,” boss Fiona McKissock says. 

“At the end of day the pumping option is now the best solution and we will have working toilet facilities in the next few weeks.”

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