Long weekend mayhem


Irishmen nicked, street piddlers, bar brawls.

Queenstown police were busy before and during Queen’s Birthday weekend dealing with the usual haul of thefts, vandalism, assaults and drunken street piddlers.

Trouble brewing

Cops asked a group of rowdy males to leave the Wakatipu Tavern in Camp Street at 6.30pm on Sunday after they were abusive to staff and tried to force their way behind the bar.

And two customers at the Willows Tavern in Arrowtown rang police claiming they were set upon by about six other patrons near midnight last Thursday.

“It’s alleged the incident happened after a game of pool went wrong,” constable Sean Drader says.

“Inquiries are continuing into this.”

Primitive men

Two Irishmen were arrested for wilful damage after a graffiti splurge at Pog Mahones bar in Rees St last Friday evening.

‘They’re alleged to have written their names and drawn penises all over the furniture, walls, windows, posters and menus using silver and gold permanent marker pens,” Drader says. “It was extremely primitive behaviour. The stuff of cavemen, really.”

The tourists, both 27, were later arrested at Queenstown Airport as they were leaving the resort.

On-site assault

A 36-year-old scaffolder from Arrowtown was arrested after allegedly hitting another worker with a ratchet at the troubled Kawarau Falls development site.

The victim suffered a suspected broken nose and had two stitches put in his cheek after the incident at lunchtime last Friday.

“During an argument it’s alleged that the offender took the tool from his belt and hit the other workman around the head with it,” Drader says.

“A man was charged with injuring with intent to injure and also assault with a blunt instrument.”

Coats go walkies

Thefts of coats from bars and clubs are on the up as the winter season sets in, cops warn.

A couple from the United States reported their jackets – one which had a sum of cash in it – were nicked at the Buffalo Club at 1am last Friday.

“We see a lot of this kind of thing at this time of the year,” Drader says.

“If thieves can’t get to the usual personal items like wallets and phones, then good jackets are always fair game.
“It’s easy to think that a coat is safe because you tuck it behind a seat but they’re very simple to steal when people are up dancing or at the bar.”

Car trouble

A 71-year-old man from Lake Hayes Estate was done for drink-driving at 8pm near his home on Saturday.

“He is alleged to have ripped up his neighbour’s lawn and smashed through his own fence,” Drader says.

And a 23-year old Queenstowner was arrested at the BP service station in Frankton at 5.15am last Sunday for refusing to pay a taxi fare.

“He tried to claim he hadn’t been in the cab and his rantings were quite illogical,” Drader adds. “He was arrested and decided to struggle.”

Abusive piddler

A 23-year-old Queenstowner was charged with offensive behaviour after being caught urinating in Rees St at 12.50am last Sunday.

“When he was arrested he was nearly falling asleep,” Drader says.

“But once he was put in the cells he became very abusive, made an unnecessary commotion and was kicking windows.”