Local’s e-book is more sci than fi


A Queenstown retiree who’s published a science fiction e-book says it’s more science than fiction. 

Lou Alfeld’s Starseeds is based on how a small group of real people would analyse and then cope with the unexpected proof of intelligence elsewhere in the galaxy. 

“I’ve always been a reader of science fiction and I’ve felt that a lot of it is too unrealistic – no science, mostly fiction, just stupid things.” 

Alfeld, who wrote his novel on and off for the past four or five years, says the project was a hobby. 

“It was never something that I felt really pressured that I had to do, I wasn’t writing for a deadline, I wasn’t even writing to get it published, I was just writing it because I was interested in the story and how it would come out. 

“A couple of people read it as a draft and really liked it, particularly my daughter, it just encouraged me to go ahead and send it out.” 

Alfeld says he put it out as an e-book because having it printed seemed like a long, hard struggle. 

The book’s on Amazon, iBooks and some other sites for $2.99. 

“I don’t think I’ll be making anything,” he says. 

A software engineer in his native America, Alfeld shifted to Queenstown 12 years ago. 

Apart from a stint on council, he’s chaired the local urban design panel – which critiques commercial building designs – since it was formed about 10 years ago. 

Last month he stepped down: “It seemed it was time to retire from that and give other people a chance.”