Local self-taught designer’s break


Self-taught Queenstown clothing designer Monique Frampton (right) has landed a fashion opportunity most aspiring clothing labels only dream about. 

Her fledgling fashion label Monique Adele will grace the catwalk during one of the opening shows of Dunedin Fashion Week next Tuesday. 

It’s a far cry from her day job as a policy analyst at Queenstown Lakes District Council, but Frampton, 27, is embracing the whirlwind ride since her clothes first hit shelves late last year. 

“If you asked me this time last year did I’d think I’d be doing this, I would have laughed at you.” 

Frampton started sewing in 2009 and has learned about design and pattern-making by watching reality TV show Project Runway, researching YouTube and reading books. 

Her first foray into the fashion world came out of necessity in Auckland, after being made redundant due to the recession. 

“I had to sell all my clothes so I could get money. Then I made a dress with four dollars’ worth of material for my sister’s graduation, wore it once, and sold it on Trade Me for $60,” Frampton says. 

“That got me thinking.” 

Frampton made an entire range in three weeks for a fashion show at Queenstown’s The Ballarat Trading Co bar last November and then approached stores. Dunedin shop Salisbury Boutique, which stocks Frampton’s label, asked her to enter items for its segment of the emerging-talent show Fashion on the Fringe during the coveted fashion week. 

“I’m really proud to be part of it. It’s so exciting.”