Local plan to launch book with a bark


A novel on Queens­town artist Ivan Clarke’s Lonely Dog creation will be launched in the resort today. 

The launch – at his local gallery – comes three years after Britain’s Atlantic Books acquired worldwide publishing rights. 

The novel has been co-written by Clarke (above) and long-time friend Stu Duval who’s a leading storyteller and author. 

The Lonely Dog began as an oil painting Clarke did nine years ago of his dachshund pining for the family when it took off for a holiday. Till now the story’s been told through limited edition paintings, figurines and a hand-made book that’s sold for more than $65,000. 

Alveridgea & The Legend of the Lonely Dog has been released in the UK, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, on sites including Amazon.co.uk and is being translated into several languages including Chinese and Italian. 

Clarke – who also sold movie rights to Hollywood’s Warner Brothers three years ago – was unavailable for comment this week.