On a good wave-length: Lana Ennis enjoying a laugh with 'the bachelor', Moses Mackay. PICTURE: TVNZ 2


A Queenstowner’s made a great impression on reality dating TV show, The Bachelor New Zealand.

Before her elimination on Tuesday, Lana Ennis was among the final three bachelorettes vying for the affections of Sol3 Mio singer Moses Mackay.

This year there were 18 women, plus four ‘intruders’, involved in the TVNZ 2 series.

The 29-year-old nurse says the shoot, conducted in November in the Russell and Nelson areas, was ‘‘terrifying’’.

‘‘I’ve never done anything like that before, and there’s nothing that can prepare you for it.

‘‘What you don’t see is you’re on camera for 10 to 11 hours a day, wearing a microphone.

‘‘Your personal space is just completely violated.

‘‘You lose your freedom, but it’s OK because you know that’s what you signed up for.’’

Ennis admits she seriously wanted to leave at one stage but knows she’d have regretted it.

She says you’re being asked ‘‘curly questions’’ all the time.

‘‘Then you think of all the people who are going to watch and you think of your family and you don’t want to embarrass yourself.’’

She considered herself ‘‘pretty lucky’’ to have been invited on quite a few group and single dates early on and, unlike some other contenders, didn’t feel she needed more time to try to impress Mackay.

As one of the final four, the film crew also paid her a ‘home visit’, meaning her parents Maggie and John also appeared on the show.

Watching the series, Ennis says she’s ‘‘quite happy with how it’s gone’’, despite feeling she comes across as quite guarded.

‘‘I’m getting lots of really good feedback, and people are picking up on exactly who I am.’’

Ennis says she entered as, after four years’ critical care nursing in Australia, she’d spent 2019 travelling and had hoped to meet someone but hadn’t.

She’d also had two friends in Australia appear in My Kitchen Rules.

Back in Queenstown, she won a part last year as a sorority girl and ensemble member in Showbiz’s Legally Blonde The Musical.

That was canned due to Covid, but she’s now rehearsing again for next month’s production.

She’s finding that experience quite terrifying, too.

‘‘I haven’t done a stage show since I was at high school, and [then only] very small parts, so this already has been a huge thing for me.’’

She’s also training for a bikini body-building comp in Auckland in July, which she also trained for last year before it was postponed.

Once Legally Blonde’s out of the way, Ennis says she’ll also focus more on her health coaching business, after completing a course through an American university.

‘‘I’m interested in sort of marrying Western and Eastern medicine, because I’ve had a lot of
growth through doing Eastern medicine.’’