Loathe’ flying into Queenstown – Pacific Blue co-pilot


A Pacific Blue co-pilot has testified that he loathed flying into Queenstown Airport at a court hearing today (Friday),Radio New Zealand reports.

Co-pilot Christian Rush told Queenstown District Court his workload was stressful and he didn’t feel Pacific Blue had adequately trained him for flights into Queenstown.

Queenstown Airport is considered the trickiest in the country and airlines only roster senior, experienced pilots on incoming planes.

Rush’s comments came during a hearing to determine whether his lead pilot carelessly operated a Boeing 737 when taking off allegedly after the airport’s daylight curfew in June, 2010.

The lead pilot, who has name suppression, testified earlier in the week.

Radio New Zealand also reports today that Rush, who was on his third flight into Queenstown that day in June, as saying he didn’t think some of the flight circuit routes were safe.

However, Rush also backed up the pilot’s testimony that the take-off and flight in question were conducted safely.