Lil’ Levi puts his foot in it


Now that’s draining – little Queenstowner Levi Clark (right) spent 40 painful minutes with his foot stuck in this uncapped drainpipe.

The four-year-old was walking with mum Rachael Clark past Frankton Ale House when his foot got stuck two Saturdays ago. Levi’s foot went around the first bend in the pipe and into water.
“It was freezing,” Levi says.

After unsuccessful attempts to free him using cooking oil, Mum Rachael called the fire service.

Frankton senior station officer Grant Bewley says Levi was “well and truly stuck”. His crew removed pavers and used a battery-powered saw to cut sections of pipe away to finally free him.

“We had to be very careful.”

Rachael says it was “frightening” but Levi’s main concern was whether his new Spiderman shoes would be ruined.

“He was really brave.”