Like father, like son


Brawl during pub crawl – then all on in Mall

A Kiwi Experience bus driver and his dad were arrested for fighting after two incidents during which five people on a Queenstown pub crawl were assaulted.

The alleged offenders – from Northland and aged 30 and 54 – were collared after violence first flared at Altitude bar about 1am last Saturday.

“Someone on the pub crawl was assaulted and it escalated into a fight,” constable Sean Drader of Queens­town police says.

“The groups separated then crossed each other’s paths in The Mall and the party from the pub crawl were again assaulted.”

The victims were four English tourists and a Queenstowner – one man was admitted to hospital as a result of the trouble.

More drunken disorder

Later that morning two men were also done for disorderly behaviour and theft after a boozy night out.

One threw a glass of ice at a doorman after being thrown out of Debajo and another tried to grab a passing woman police officer.

The 24-year-old Queenstowner and his 23-year-old pal from Roxburgh landed in further trouble back at the cop shop when it was discovered one had nicked a jacket and the other a can of air freshener while drinking in Bardeaux earlier.

“The next day both said they couldn’t remember a thing,” Drader says.

A 29-year-old Aussie visitor was also charged with assault, resisting arrest and obstructing police after an incident that started at the World Bar at 3.15am last Thursday.

“He had punched a bouncer and when police arrived he ran away,” Drader comments. “When he was eventually caught, he then ripped an officer’s jacket and gave a false name.”

Running on empty

Cops are closing in on a young Auckland couple who skipped town last week leaving a $1000 hotel bill unpaid.
“As well as doing a runner from the Shotover St premises, they’d also left the room in a bad state with condoms and vomit on the floor,” Drader says.

“They’d jumped on a flight back to Auckland but we know who they are and it’s only a matter of time before they are caught.”

Racist attacker nabbed

An 18-year-old unemployed male from Fernhill was charged with assaulting an Asian man outside ASB Bank in Camp Street on July 12.

A knuckleduster or knuckle rings were believed to have been used in the attack, during which the victim suffered a cut face, bleeding nose and chipped teeth after first suffering racial insults.

The alleged offender was located after an eagle-eyed local detective recognised a vehicle believed to have been at the scene.

Cars vandalised

Six vehicles had their windscreens deliberately cracked at About New Zealand Rental Cars on Frankton’s Glenda Drive sometime last weekend.

“This is the fourth time damage has been caused recently at the same premises,” Drader says.

“We strongly suspect the same person is responsible and if anyone sees anything suspicious happening in the area, we’d ask them to call us.”