Life’s a feast: Spaghetti with garlic prawns


Rocket - also know as arugula, rucola, roquette or rugula - is an aromatic, pepper-flavoured salad green. It flourishes in NZ gardens, and is so easy to grow that even the least green-fingered of us should succeed. It is high in vitamins A and C and is so versatile it can be used on pizzas, made into pesto, used in salads, soups and dressings, or, like this recipe, used in a pasta dish. Note, the smaller, younger leaves have a milder flavour while the older ones pack a definite punch. Enjoy this simple, quick yet impressive dish.



400g spaghetti
4 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons olive oil
6 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
2 fresh red chillis, thinly sliced
24-32 prawns, tails off and cut in half long-ways (leave 12 with tails on and cut a little way through the back for garnish)
1 tablespoon of lime zest
1 tablespoon lime juice
100g fresh rocket
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Bring a large pot of salted water (about as salty as seawater) to the boil. Cook the pasta as per instructions on the pack, or until al dente. As a general rule, for dinner you should allow 120g of dry pasta per person.

2. While the pasta is cooking, heat a pan to a medium-high heat and melt the butter and oil in a pan. Saute off the garlic, chilli and lime zest. Ensure the garlic does not brown.

3. Add prawns and cook until they are tender, no more than 2-3 mins. Remove garnish prawns and set aside.

4. Drain the pasta and tip into prawn pan. Add the rocket and lemon juice and a generous sprinkle of sea salt and combine thoroughly. Serve immediately, spreading the sliced prawns evenly through the four dishes. Top with the garnish prawns with their tails on and sprinkle over a little more fresh rocket.