"Very happy": Mitre 10 Mega's Paul Jackson with Kathy Buckham, centre, and Kathy Tryfiatis


Quail Rise residents can now see their defibrillator after Mitre 10 Mega Queenstown donated some temporary solar lights last Saturday.

Kathy Tryfiatis and Kathy Buckham were elated when two lights were installed by a friend at the pavilion in Gretton Park, where the defibrillator, originally supplied by Five Mile
Pharmacy, is located.

The lights come after Mountain Scene reported last week Tryfiatis and her friend Irene Glover had made requests to council over the past year but were told there was no budget in the 10-year-plan.

‘‘One of our team members actually saw the article in the paper and came to me and said, ‘couldn’t we just give these guys a solar light?’’’ Mitre 10 Mega general manager Paul Jackson says.

‘‘We like to help where we can … we do lots of different things for community organisations and this was just something that we thought was an easy thing for us to do that could have good benefits for the local people.’’

Last week council committed to visiting the site and checking whether the existing lighting was sufficient.

Jackson says the lights are offered as an ‘‘interim solution while council makes a long-term solution’’, after which Quail Rise residents can repurpose the donated lights.