Legal advice taken after unscheduled detour


A Queenstown clothing store owner is taking legal advice after being kicked to the curb.

Detour’s Mike Collins had an eviction notice slapped on his store’s front door last Friday.

He has been leasing the building at 17 Rees St since early 2014 from Al Spary, the boss of Good Group Hospitality.

Collins didn’t want to comment but confirmed he was seeking legal advice.

The notice on Detour’s door says it’s guilty of a “breach of the lease” which was not resolved “within a specified timeframe”.

Spary couldn’t be reached for comment.

The eviction notice comes just a week after Spary revealed to company would probably open a White + Wongs restaurant in Queenstown next winter.

According to the notice, Detour had until today to arrange removal of its goods.

If it fails to do so Spary has the right to put it all outside the building, with no responsibility for any damage.