Law laid down after bouncers ‘attacked’


Queenstown police say drinkers need to accept the strictness of licensing laws after four more bouncers were allegedly attacked in one night.

Six patrons were arrested in three incidents involving doormen in the resort on Friday night.

In all three, police said some of those involved had been refused entry or ejected from bars for being too drunk.

“Duty managers have a responsibility to refuse entry to intoxicated people or eject them, and that’s delegated to bouncers,” sergeant Kate Pirovano says.

“That’s the law premises have to adhere to but people just won’t accept it. Their decision-making is shot due to their level of intoxication.”

There have been a rash of cases of doormen being violently attacked this year, ranging from punches and kicks to head-butts, bites and having their genitals squeezed.

At 10pm on Friday, a 30-year-old British man was arrested after he allegedly assaulted two doormen in Searle Lane after being ejected from a bar.

The man faces two charges of common assault, one of disorderly behaviour, and one of resisting arrest.

Later, at 1.35am, in the same lane, four Queenstown residents were arrested after police were called to reports of a brawl.

A woman, 20, and her boyfriend, 37, are said to have repeatedly punched one doorman in the head. The man also allegedly choked the doorman after pulling his top over his head and twisting his arm. Both were charged with assault.

Another man, 26, was charged with disorderly behaviour and another, 23, was given a pre-charge warning for disorderly behaviour.

At 2am at 9 Shotover St, an Australian man was charged with assault after allegedly punching a doorman in the face after being refused entry to The Find bar.

“Obviously there are some bouncers who do it [refuse entry or remove patrons] very well and others who are a little blunter because they see it so much,” Pirovano says.

“But the bottom line is, as long as it’s done in a reasonably professional manner, people need to accept it. It’s a very perilous job.”