Laugh till you cry


A new comedy series is set to bring the laughs to Queenstown.

Live at Attiqa starts next week at the resort bar, showcasing Christchurch comedian Nathan Hedley.

Co-founder of the series, Simon Small, likens it to English comedy series Live at The Apollo

“I think Attiqa’s got that similar brick wall, great atmosphere.

“The idea is that with any comedian who comes to the Live at Attiqa we record them, multi-cam, and we can broadcast that either live or at a later date, anywhere we want.”

Small says it’s an added bonus for the artist to walk away with a recorded sample of their work.

Hedley’s show, ‘Search for Happiness’, is based around a subject not usually associated with comedy – mental health.

“I found it helped me a lot to deal with my own problems,” he says.

“Audiences have generally been really positive about it. They’re listening and trying to learn more, or laughing along with the stories.

“I made someone cry before, by accident.”

The first Live at Attiqa takes place next Wednesday, September 4, 7.30pm.

Tickets are $20.