Large grant ramps up war on wildings


The Central Lakes Trust is dishing out more than $100,000 to help the Wakatipu’s war on wilding pines.

In it’s latest round of grants, the trust is giving $108,906 to the Wakatipu Wilding Conifer Control Group in its bid to eradicate the conifers from the Roaring Meg area. 

The control group aims to prevent the exponential spread of wilding pine seedlings before it changes iconic Wakatipu landscapes forever. 

It anticipates the Roaring Meg project will take two years and cost $311,000. 

The grant is one of 34 dished out by the trust in the last quarter – grants all up were more than $2 million. 

Trust chief executive Paul Allison says: “This is a considerably higher amount than that approved for the corresponding quarter last year when $1.2M was approved. 

“It reflects the trust’s commitment to supporting charitable projects throughout our region that help make our community a better place to be.” 

Other Wakatipu groups to benefit from trust grants include the council’s Queenstown Memorial Hall major upgrade project – it received $1 million and the Glenorchy Heritage Museum Group with a grant of $10,632. The Memorial Hall grant is only the twelfth grant of $1m or more made by the trust in its history.