Lance Armstrong’s catch phrase


– There’s some irony that well-known chef Varick Neilson is doing a stint at Queenstown’s Halo. The cafe’s in a building that replaced the former Anglican vicarage where Neilson grew up – his father Geoff was the vicar of the day. 

– Queenstown golfer David Skeggs hit a record second hole-in-one at The Hills course, near Arrow­town, last week. The four-handicapper aced the fourth hole after acing the seventh hole last Sep­tember. Skeggs is again lining up at the pro-am at the New Zealand PGA Champion­ship at The Hills next month. 

 - Got to like Mountford Gallery’s play on words on the front of its Earl Street premises: “Appreciating art”. 

 - A Lance Armstrong quote still adorns the back wall of Queenstown Events Centre RPM cycle room – despite the American cyclist now admitting he was a serial drugs cheat. “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” 

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