Lakes Leisure to take control of Frankton golf course


The management of Frankton’s popular golf course changes hands next Friday.

Council-controlled organisation Lakes Leisure will take over full management of the Frankton Golf Centre from its previous long-standing managers the Queenstown Golf Club.

Queenstown Lakes District Council took over ownership of the course in July 2012, after Queenstown Golf Club’s lease expired. Till now, the club continued running the course under contract.

Lakes Leisure chief executive Ruth Stokes says the organisation is now in a “strong position” to assume full management of the centre and that the timing of the transition works well for Queenstown Golf Club, which wants to focus on the Kelvin Heights course. 

“With the assistance of Queenstown Golf Club and golf pro Jamie McIsaac, we have gained a good understanding of the centre’s operation and its members’ needs over the past nine months,” Stokes says. 

“We are extremely pleased to have recently secured Jamie’s continued service to the centre as an employee of Lakes Leisure, so we are very well-positioned to take the centre forwards and ensure we can maintain a business-as-usual result for our existing members.”

Lakes Leisure has plans to increase participation in golf, particularly with juniors and say this should benefit all clubs in the area, Stokes adds. 

“The Frankton course is a fantastic flat, entry-level course and it is our intention to develop the site into a learning centre for golf. We want to work with all local clubs in the district to give children, particularly teenagers, a pathway into the game and then make sure that they want to keep on playing. 

“Through quality programmes we believe we can both attract young players and develop them to the point they will be ready go out and join other local clubs that offer more challenging fairways. The game in New Zealand is in need of a boost in numbers, and we think the provision of a dedicated learning centre will go a long way to help our local clubs in the future.” 

Lakes Leisure has registered the new Frankton Golf Centre club with the New Zealand Golf Board and has gained a New Zealand Golf Incorporated Affiliation membership under the entity of Lakes Leisure.