Lake Hayes residents feel powerless


Residents at Queenstown’s Lake Hayes Estate are frustrated at frequent power cuts.

Delta Utilities confirmed 1100 properties lost power in Lake Hayes Estate, Lower Shotover and Frankton’s Glenda Dr on Sunday night after high-voltage overhead lines were downed on Jims Way, Lower Shotover.

Comments on social media talked of a “big explosion” and wires arcing.

Power was restored to all properties shortly after 3am on Monday.

Lake Hayes Estate residents also had power cuts on and May 26.

Delta’s communications manager, Gary Johnson, says crews worked through Sunday night to restore power.

Permanent repairs on that section of overhead line were scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Jim Robinson, who has lived in Lake Hayes Estate for seven years, says the power supply is substandard and he’s considering buying a $4000 generator as a backup.

“I feel like we’re living in Piha in the Seventies when it used to go off every five minutes.”

Robinson, who owns Southern Spas and Pools, says: “I’m sick of the wax on the carpet from the candles from the kids dropping it and the sneaking suspicion they’re going to set fire to something.

“And I’m sick of not having the heat when we want it because we’re reliant on the heat pump.”

Houses in Lake Hayes Estate are not allowed woodburners and rely mainly on electrical heating.

Some might blame neighbouring subdivision Shotover Country for the cuts but Delta says it’s supplied on a different circuit.

Mr Johnson blamed the June 4 cut on “connector” failure and said Aurora Energy would replace them in coming months.

Otago Daily Times