Lake Hayes Estate vandals target toilets


Lake Hayes Estate residents are being asked to report vandals who are damaging the toilets by the McBride Park playground.

Queenstown Lakes District Council contractors OCS Ltd have reported vandalism taking place on an almost nightly basis.

It includes graffiti, toilet bowls being filled with stones up to the rim, toilet paper dispensers being emptied and the contents stuck to the walls and ceilings, and mud and dirt being smeared over surfaces and used to block sinks.

Council community services general manager Paul Wilson says: “The playground is used by parents and young children and it’s sad they’re the ones affected when the toilets are made unusable by someone else’s stupidity.

“And of course, there’s also a cost associated with the damage in terms of time spent cleaning up and resources being wasted.”

Police have been notified about the vandalism. The toilets could be closed overnight if the problem continues.