Lad locked in car boot


Police have rescued a teenager who claims he locked himself in the boot of his own car. 

Three officers attended the unusual emergency callout just before 2pm last Thursday at the Queenstown Gardens.
Constable Jason Reid says it didn’t take much to rescue the 17-year-old, who used his cellphone to dial the 111 hotline. 

“I went over and opened up the boot and other than that we just kind of laughed,” Reid says. “He was fine. 

“He was quite happy to get out but was tinged with a bit of embarrassment. 

“I remember the first thing he did say was, ‘Wow, three of you’”. 

Reid says the reason three officers attended is he and another colleague were passing by and decided to check it out as well. 

Constable Sean Drader says the teenager’s explanation is he was cold. 

“He reckoned he was trying to keep warm while waiting for his friends but mistakenly locked himself in.
“It’s pretty bizarre, isn’t it?