KiwiBuild hint


Queenstown and Cromwell may be in line for KiwiBuild developments, hot on the heels of an announcement that hundreds of affordable homes are planned for Wanaka.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford has taken to Twitter to hint there might be something in the works, and now a KiwiBuild spokesperson confirms proposals from Queenstown and Cromwell are being considered.

It follows last weekend’s announcement that 211 KiwiBuild homes will be built in Wanaka.

The 211 homes will all be a part of the Northlake development, with prices for the first 10 ranging from $565,000 to $650,000.

In response to a Tweet questioning the development being announced for Wanaka, rather than Queenstown or Cromwell, Twyford said: “Wanaka needs affordable housing. So does Queenstown and Cromwell. Stay tuned.”

A KiwiBuild spokesperson says a KiwiBuild’s considering “a number of proposals up and down the country including developments in the Queenstown and Cromwell area”.

“The KiwiBuild Unit can’t reveal who those developers are or the locations of the proposed developments because the information is commercially sensitive at this time.

“However, the Queenstown-Lakes area has been identified as an area that has long suffered from a shortage of affordable housing and the KiwiBuild Unit is working hard to provide homes for people in this region who have been locked out of the market.”

Earlier in the year, a Cabinet paper showing where KiwiBuild houses would be built if they were distributed based on need revealed 2229 would go to Queenstown.

The Government’s KiwiBuild programme promises 100,000 affordable homes to be built in New Zealand in the next 10 years.