Kings of Coronet

Ready to roll: King Kapisi

King Kapisi is a man of many talents.
Today the rapper, DJ, political campaigner, father, grandfather and Silver Scroll winner — real name Bill Ure — is heading up Coronet Peak to play its 70th birthday bash.
He’ll be joined by his best mate Che Fu — real name Che Ness.
Together, the hip-hop artists are also known as Hedlok.
But they’ll be playing under their individual stage names while in the resort.
That doesn’t stop them from jamming out together.
Aucklander Kapisi says: “I DJ for him and then we swap — I also know all the words to his songs and he knows mine.
“We’re the best back-up for each other.”
The pair met years back when Che Fu was in Supergroove and Kapisi was part of Gifted and Brown.
They’ve been buddies ever since.
Kapisi says they’re “party ambassadors” and those at the gig can expect to see “two of the best in the country to ever rock it”.
He’s stoked to touch down in Queenstown, having gigged many-a-time here over the years — even playing up Coronet in the past.
He’s got nothing but love for the resort.
“It’s actually one of my favourite places in Aotearoa — if I had a choice to live somewhere it would be there.”
During the up-the-mountain gig, Kapisi hopes people will soak up the experience of being able to night ski while listening to “dope music”.
When the father-of-four and grandfather-of-three isn’t out campaigning with the Internet Party, coaching his son’s basketball team or gigging, he can be found working on his albums.
That’s right, albums — plural. He’s got three on the go.
Two are hip-hop and one’s reggae. All in the process of being created or finished off.
Music is massive for Kapisi and Fu — it’s enabled them to follow their passion.
Kapisi: “The deep appreciation and love of music has taken us both around the world and we’re still rocking.
“I don’t think we’ll ever stop until we die.
“I think it’s just something that we’re really good at.”
But, he’s quick to say that if he wasn’t on the top of his game in the music world he knows exactly what he’d be doing instead — playing basketball professionally. – MANDY COOPER
King Kapisi and Che Fu take the stage today at 6.30pm on The Deck at Coronet Peak’s base building. Before they crank into it, Peti plays at 11.30am, followed by Deejay Dolittle at 1.30pm with House Husbands rounding out the night starting at 8pm. Free entry