Kidnap case relief’


One of three men sentenced over an alleged violent kidnap attempt near Queens­town admits partial relief his court process is over. 

Queenstown draughtsman Daniel John Kissell, 28, was sentenced to eight months’ home detention and 300 hours’ community work in Queens­town District Court on Monday after admitting involvement in the incident. 

Kissell pleaded guilty to wounding Jason Scott Maynard with intent to commit assault by violent means. 

Mountain Scene approached Kissell outside court and asked if he was relieved the court process was over for him – he replied: “Yeah, to an extent”. 

Kissell declined to comment further. 

Two others get prison 

Earlier at the same court sitting, Arrowtown glazier Jonathan Charles Burke, 26, was sentenced to two years and three months’ imprisonment after a charge of intending to commit theft by violent means, rendering Maynard incapable of resistance. 

Invercargill glazier Samuel Gordon Coupe, 29, was also sent to prison for two years and nine months for wounding Maynard with intent to commit assault by violent means and assaulting Maynard’s girlfriend Alice Frances Caig. 

Judge Kevin Phillips ordered Kissell to pay $5000 in reparation to Maynard, while Burke and Coupe were each ordered to pay $2000 to Maynard and $1000 to Caig. 

‘Drug deal gone wrong’ 

The incident began after a “drug deal went wrong” on November 26 last year, the court heard. 

The three men had bought what they thought was ecstasy in a Queenstown bar but what they got was flour and brown sugar. 

Angry, they and five others allegedly involved, met at a house in Frankton to discuss going to see Maynard at his Cromwell home to “rough him up” and get their money back. 

Burke called a mate in Cromwell who knew Maynard and was told the victim had firearms, so they planned to stop at Kissell’s house to pick up a gun. That plan was abandoned when they learned Maynard and Caig were still in the Wakatipu. 

Coupe and a co-accused put on balaclavas and gathered a machete and a meat cleaver. 

The group drove in two cars to the Crown Range Road intersection and met the victims, who were set upon in a vicious attack. Maynard was punched, kicked in the head, bundled into a car and driven towards Arrowtown, the 
court heard. 

Kissell, in the car that did not contain Maynard, phoned the others to insist they let the victim go. Maynard was dumped on the road soon after. 

Back at the Frankton flat, Coupe destroyed his jacket in a fire and Kissell left his there to eventually be dealt with in the same way. The group assembled at Burke’s Arrowtown home and “bunkered down”, Judge Phillips says. 

In sentencing Kissell, the judge said he had no doubt his offending came as a direct result of drug and alcohol consumption. 

‘Ferocious attack’ 

“This was a fierce, ferocious attack … a vigilante, violent response to a drug deal gone wrong,” Judge Phillips told Kissell. 

The judge gave the three men credit for their early guilty pleas, remorse and good character references. 

Five other Queenstowners – Brodie O’Rourke, Rachel Faul, Charlotte Dickson, Michael Coulter and Brooke Carpenter – are either awaiting trial or have not entered a plea in relation to the incident.