Kidnap case accused’s guilty plea


One of the men linked to a violent kidnapping in Queenstown last year has pleaded guilty to his involvement. 

Daniel John Kissell, 28, today (Monday) admitted in Queenstown District Court a charge of intending to commit theft by violent means by rendering Jason Scott Maynard incapable of resistance. 

A charge against Kissell of kidnapping Maynard on November 26 last year was withdrawn. Details of Kissell’s involvement in the incident were suppressed. 

Of Kissell’s guilty plea, Judge Kevin Phillips told him: “You have made an appropriate decision, Mr Kissell, if I may say so.” 

Judge Phillips convicted Kissell and remanded him on bail for sentencing on May 7. He ordered reports for reparation and for the possibility of a home detention sentence. 

Kissell and seven others were charged late last year with the kidnapping and aggravated wounding of Maynard. 

Maynard and his girlfriend were allegedly set upon after being lured to the Crown Range intersection on State Highway 6 on November 26. 

A gang, wearing balaclavas and wielding a meat cleaver and a machete, are said to have attacked the couple, before bundling Maynard into a car, driving away and later dumping him in Arrowtown. 

Rachel Maree Faul, 21, Jonathan Charles Burke, 24, Sam Gordon Coupe, 29, Michael Philip Coulter, 25, Charlotte Amelia Spencer Dickson, 18, Brodie O’Rourke, 23, and Brooke Sylvia Carpenter, 17, are all charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping.

Jail likely for lightbulb stabbing 

A man who stabbed his male cousin in Queenstown with a broken lightbulb – after rejecting alleged sexual advances – has pleaded guilty. 

Saudi Arabian man Abdulraham Tariq Alghamdi, 19, admitted assault with intent to injuring Osama Mohammed Eidah. An earlier charge of grievous bodily harm was dropped. 

The court heard that Alghamdi and his cousin travelled from Christchurch to Queenstown with two others on February 4. 

After going out drinking that night, Alghamdi and Eidah went back to their hotel room, where an argument broke out between the pair, resulting in an altercation, prosecuting sergeant Ross Hutton says. 

Alghamdi armed himself with a broken light bulb and stabbed his cousin twice in the upper body and twice in the legs. 

Clumps of hair and pools of blood were found in the hotel after the attack. The victim needed 30 stitches for his wounds. 

In explanation, Alghamdi told police that he rejected his cousin’s sexual advances. 

Judge Phillips told the court that he couldn’t believe that police lowered the charge and indicated that a prison sentence would be inevitable. 

Alghamdi was convicted and remanded in custody till April 4 for sentencing.