Kea sculpture flightless


Queenstown’s Kea Conservation Trust’s calling for help after transport for its newest feathered friend fell through.

The giant, 80kg kea sculpture was set to make its way by truck from Wellington to Queenstown, where it would take pride of place at the resort’s Kiwi Birdlife Park.

But that truck ride’s no longer available, and the trust is scratching its head as to how it’ll get the big bird down south.

Trust member Tamsin Orr-Walker says the sculpture was due to be transported by STL Linehaul, but a fire at its yard put an end to that. Now she’s hoping someone else might come to the party.

“We’ve got really great plans for it,” she says.

She’s keen for the installation of the sculpture to be the first step in setting up a conservation centre in Queenstown. It’s still being stored at Wellington Zoo, but “they really need it to be moved because it’s taking up space”, Orr-Walker says.

Up until recently, the sculpture was part of the ‘Mountain to Sea’ exhibition at Te Papa in Wellington. When the exhibition ended, it decided to gift the steel bird to the trust.

The sculpture was created by North Canterbury sculptor Raymond Herber, who’s keen to come to its official unveiling and sign the sculpture.

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