‘Just cos I’m Maori doesn’t mean I sell pot’


A bouncer has been convicted of assault after punching a man who asked him for drugs.

Eugene Mathew Paul, 26, of Fernhill, was sentenced to 275 hours’ community work, nine months’ supervision and ordered to pay $400 reparation at Queenstown District Court yesterday.

Defence lawyer Sonia Vidal said: “Mr Paul became upset because the victim approached him and asked to buy cannabis.

“Mr Paul said ‘Just because I’m Maori doesn’t mean I sell cannabis’.”

Judge Dominic Flatley said Paul had completed a sentence of 200 hours’ community work for assault with an instrument in 2004.

“That must have been relatively serious,” Judge Flatley said.

“And it is relevant as it indicates to me you can lose your cool and become aggressive and violent. One day you might hit someone, cause them to fall badly, and they’d be dead.

“You have to be very very careful in your position that you don’t get angry and antagonised.”

Paul had punched his victim Marc Albert in the face after a scuffle on December 10.

The nine months’ supervision sentence will include an anger management course.

Drug bust conviction

A WANAKA drug dealer caught in a police undercover sting has been convicted after admitting seven charges.

Oscar Jimmy Gold Arlidge, 28, in Queenstown District Court yesterday afternoon, was one of eight men arrested on December 1 as a result of Southern police’s Operation Viking.

The five-month undercover bust targeted the flow of party drugs through the lakeside resort town of Wanaka.

Officers intercepted cell phone calls and text messages and went undercover to buy prohibited drugs.

Arlidge pleaded guilty to three charges of supplying class A drug LSD, one charge of offering to supply LSD, one charge of supplying class B drug MDMA (ecstasy), one charge of offering to supply MDMA, and one charge of offering to supply class C drug cannabis.

Eight other charges were withdrawn by police.

An application for bail was denied by Judge Dominic Flatley, who said in his view a term of imprisonment is inevitable. Arlidge was remanded in custody for sentencing on June 16.

Child porn case delay

A SOLICITOR has asked for more time to review the case of a Central Otago man charged with distributing child pornography.

Defence lawyer Sonia Vidal was granted an adjournment until April 7 at Queenstown District Court yesterday.

The man – whose interim name suppression continues – was arrested on October 10 and charged with six counts of distributing an objectionable publication.

They are detailed on court sheets as publications showing sexual acts involving minors. Each offence carries a maximum penalty of a $10,000 fine.

The man has yet to enter a plea.

Ms Vidal has requested the DVD of the police interview and told Judge Dominic Flatley the way in which the images were allegedly obtained – a peer-to-peer computer network – raises questions over the ‘distribution’ element of the charge.

Peer-to-peer networks share information and resources without human agency.

Bail conditions are the man is not to be alone with anyone under 16, must surrender his passport and not attempt to cross New Zealand’s borders.

Drink-driver sentenced

A QUEENSTOWN man caught drink-driving for the fourth time has been banned from the roads indefinitely.

Alexander Kobin Carey, 24, was stopped by police on November 10 while twice the drink-drive limit.

Carey provided a reading of 818 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath in an evidential breath test. The legal limit is 400mcg.

It’s the third time in as many years he’s been caught intoxicated behind the wheel. The other conviction was in 2007 at the under-20 level.

A third drink-drive conviction triggers a possible prison sentence. Carey pleaded guilty and was sentenced at Queenstown District Court yesterday afternoon.

But Judge Dominic Flatley opted not to sentence him to prison, or to a sentence of home detention which his Carey’s lawyer Rachel Napier presented submissions on.

Instead Judge Flatley sentenced him to a 350 hours’ community work, along with 15 months’ intensive supervision which includes drug and alcohol assessments and any necessary therapy.

“My reasons are you’re young and in good employment,” Judge Flatley said.

“Other than your drinking problem, you’re a good citizen. But this has to stop.”

Judge Flatley says he’ll personally monitor the community work and supervision; he wouldn’t “rubber-stamp” reports.

And he warned should Carey breach the sentence or commit other offences, a term of imprisonment would be on the cards.

Carey was also disqualified indefinitely. After 18 months, he can begin the process of re-obtaining a licence, which can only be granted by the Director of Land Transport Safety and must be a zero-alcohol licence.

Other convictions

Noel Jeffrey Johnston, 51, of Dunedin, convicted of careless driving causing injury on Crown Range, January 14, fined $1000, $1000 emotional harm reparation, disqualified for nine months, $132 costs.

Trevor David Riddell, 37, Wanaka labourer, drink-driving on March 13, 686micrograms per litre of breath (legal limit 400mcg), fined $700, costs $132, disqualified for six months.

Richard James Houghton, 23, Queenstown mechanic, drink-driving and careless driving, March 15, 1036mcg, fined $1000 for drink driving, $300 for careless use, $330 reparation (after hitting a car park post), $132 costs, disqualified for nine months.

Christof Sortiropoulos, 22, of Owaka, shoplifting two cans of beer, convicted and ordered to pay $5.98 reparation.

David Hans Nennstiel, 26, of Owaka, shoplifting two jars of condiments, convicted and ordered to pay $17.90 reparation.

Thomas David Martin, 22, sales assistant of Frankton, sustained loss of traction on February 13, Stanley Street, 40 hours’ community work, disqualified for eight months.

Bruce Morris Standish, 53, builder of Mount Barker, drink-driving in Wanaka on March 21, 957mcg, convicted and fined $1400, $132 costs, disqualified for nine months.

David Farquhar Kirman, 49, rafting guide of Frankton, driving while licence suspended (100+ demerit points), on Gorge Road, March 5, convicted and fined $500, $132 costs and disqualified for six months from May 10 (when suspension ends).

Ashley Alan Rowlands, 26, of Sunshine Bay, theft of $150 worth of alcohol, February 4, convicted and ordered to pay $45 reparation.

Steven Greg Railton, 48, contractor of Arrowtown, third drink-driving conviction, 171 milligrams per millilitre of blood (legal limit 80), stopped on Buckingham Street, February 14, remanded on bail for sentence on April 28.

Barry Robert Anderson, 32, plumber of Arrowtown, taking a vehicle without right at Gibbston on March 8, careless driving, driving while disqualified, convicted and remanded for sentence on April 28.